Resident Services Virtual Meeting

Virtual Peer Exchange, October 16th, 2020

Virtual Peer Exchange, September 8th 2020

Virtual Peer Exchange, July 27th, 2020

Virtual Peer Exchange, May 11th 2020

Virtual Peer Exchange, April 14th 2020

Virtual Peer Exchange, March 26th 2020:

 General Resident Services Operating Guidance/ Needs Assessments  

Rental Assistance Funds/Eviction Prevention Programs

 Confirmed or Suspected COVID-19 Staff/Resident Cases: Policies and Notices

 Sample Educational and Enrichment Packages for Residents

Technology Access Survey, Resident Training Guides, Device Information

 Other Useful Resources

Software and Tools

Note: This is a list of tools HPN members have mentioned that their organizations have found useful for continuing service deliver and property/company operations. HPN does not endorse any particular software or tool.

Video Conferencing

  • Zoom (used for: tutoring, virtual coffee chats, virtual book club, health and wellness exercises, college career readiness, homework help)
  • Facebook live (used for: support groups, health and wellness exercises, cooking lessons)
  • Google -voice, hangouts, classroom (used for: web-based calling, video conferencing, virtual class time) 

File Sharing, Signatures, and Form Building

  • (used for: sharing files securely and collaborating on documents with external parties, integrates well with excel and word)
  • Docusign (used for: electronic signatures from multiple parties, some have used for re-certifications)
  • Wufoo (used for: building online HTML forms, used by some to obtain signed consent forms) 

Education and Youth Engagement

 Fitness and Entertainment

  • Various free resources shared by NPR
  • Peloton App – Free Trial (used for fitness classes, including spin, yoga, and bootcamp)


  • RingCentral (used for: coaching, case management)
  • YouTube (used for: lesson planning, video messages of support and encouragement)

For a fuller list of virtual tools and other useful resources for affordable housing property organizations, visit the Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future (SAHF) COVID-19 Resources page. If you are interested in sharing resources with SAHF to post on their COVID-19 site, please note the following request.

SAHF REQUEST: Please share any sample household assessment scripts, COVID-19 staff guidance, or tools that you would be willing to share publicly. We also welcome any other external resources that may be helpful to the field.  Please email any resources you’d like to share to

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