The Housing Partnership Network created the Housing Partnership Fund (HPF) in 2001 as its lending arm to meet its members’ growing needs for flexible, early-stage financing for affordable housing development. Nationally, HPF serves nonprofit developers focused solely on uplifting populations with low and moderate incomes, using housing as a platform to leverage better health, school, and personal wealth-building outcomes. The Fund raises capital from major private, public and philanthropic institutions to drive impact through its investments in members and HPN social enterprises. HPF is a US Treasury-certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) and has a Four Star Policy Plus AA- rating from Aeris.

CDFI Loan Products

Enterprise and project-level financing to grow our members’ real estate business lines and support the acquisition, development and preservation of single and multi-family affordable housing.

Since 2001, we have invested over $200 million across 50+ HPN members.

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New Markets Tax Credits for Homeownership

HPN innovates use of its New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) allocation to provide members with flexible, low-cost capital to support single-family homeownership. This enables our members to build more homes and offer more affordable mortgages, quality housing stock, and homeownership support services to homebuyers with low and moderate incomes.

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Enterprise Capital  

Our Enterprise loan product was created to support members’ business line capital needs and is not tied to a specific real estate project, giving our members maximum flexibility and access to low-priced capital to deepen their impact. It is designed to serve as start-up or expansion capital for new business initiatives, working capital for organizational liquidity or predevelopment or acquisition capital. This capital is designed to be catalytic; the flexibility it offers our members allows them to be entrepreneurial and nimble in their approach to market opportunities without being delayed by the process of assembling capital. This capital is typically unsecured or alternatively secured.  

Real Estate Financing  

Predevelopment: This product can be structured as term or revolving and provides funding for a full range of predevelopment costs and can also support site acquisition or holding costs. Pre-development loans are typically unsecured while site acquisition loans are secured with a lien on the underlying asset. 

Acquisition Multifamily: A bridge loan product to finance land and building acquisition as well as construction and rehabilitation costs for multifamily properties. Loans are secured by the underlying asset as a first mortgage or subordinate lien. Acquisition line of credit facilities are also available.  

Single-Family Acquisition Rehab: A credit facility designed to support the acquisition and rehabilitation costs of single-family homes. Loans are secured by the underlying asset as a first mortgage or ownership interest in the ownership entity holding the single-family homes.   

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Investment Strategy

As a financial intermediary and membership organization, our financial products are designed directly to meet our members’ capital needs. Loans are structured to advance the particular mission of each member, to improve their business performance and to help them complete high impact projects. Each lending product has emerged from a specific need identified through one of HPN’s peer exchange and supports members’ comprehensive approaches to community revitalization. 

Our competitive advantage comes from collaborating with our borrowers through HPN’s peer exchange model. In addition to underwriting the “real” risks of our borrowers and their projects, our close, collaborative relationships with them provides two additional advantages: we are often able to take on more risk than a traditional lender, and we’re able to tailor our products to help members achieve even more impact in their communities.   

We deliver our products through a variety of structures- on and off balance sheet lending (enterprise and project loans), participations, NMTCs, fund intermediary, and geographic or project-focused funds 

Management Team

Board of Directors

Fred Dodson, Jr.

EVP of Real Estate & Chief Operating Officer, DreamKey Partners

Jesse Elton

Director of Finance, The Community Builders

Michael Solomon

Vice President, Charles Schwab & Co.

Mark Van Brunt

COO, Raza Development Fund

Nancy Wagner-Hislip

Chief Investment Officer, Reinvestment Fund

Clark Ziegler, Chair

Executive Director, Massachusetts Housing Partnership

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