Current Loan Offerings

The Housing Partnership Fund (HPF), has many loan products but is unique in its commitment to provide enterprise capital for nonprofit affordable housing developers across the nation. Enterprise lending gives members maximum flexibility and access to low-priced capital to deepen their impact. This capital is designed to be catalytic; our deep relationships and understanding of our members' businesses allows them to be entrepreneurial and nimble in their approach to market opportunities without being delayed by the process of assembling capital.

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Enterprise Capital Predevelopment Acquisition Multifamily SIngle-Family Acquisition Rehab
Primary Use(s) For start-up or expansion capital for new business initiatives, working capital for organizational liquidity, predevelopment, or acquisition capital Can be structured as term or revolving to fund a full range of predevelopment and/or site acquisition or holding costs Bridge loan product to finance land and building acquisition, construction, and rehabilitation costs for multifamily properties Credit facility to support acquisition and rehabilitation costs of single-family homes
Backing Typically unsecured or alternatively secured. Typically unsecured (site acquisition loans are secured with a lien on the underlying asset) Secured by underlying asset as a first mortgage or subordinate lien Secured by underlying asset as a first mortgage or ownership interest in the ownership entity holding the single-family homes
Other Not tied to a specific real estate project Acquisition line of credit facilities also available

We are always looking to learn more and innovate around members' financing needs. 

Contact Lending Director Ben Greenberg with your wish list.

Recent loans

HPF $500k Enterprise Loan

In response to pandemic-related business challenges, HPF provided an additional $500k in enterprise capital to AEON (Minneapolis MN) on top of an existing $1.5MM enterprise loan.     

"This loan helped us preserve liquidity and weather timing differences in project closings and temporary reductions in rental collections at some affordable properties due to COVID impacts.”

Caroline Horton Chief Financial Officer, AEON

HPF $1.5MM Leverage Source Loan / HPN $6MM NMTC allocation

HPF provided a $1.5MM enterprise loan to Housing Partnership Inc. (Louisville KY) as a source of leverage to catalyze a $6MM New Markets Tax Credit project focused on stabilizing Louisville’s West End, a predominantly Black and historically disinvested neighborhood, as part of HPI’s Beyond the 9th Initiative. This project will rehabilitate 50 blighted homes and promote homeownership opportunities for existing residents of the community. While HPI started its initiative in 2016, the pressing need for Beyond the 9th has become even more apparent with the tragic murder of Breonna Taylor (who lived in the West End) and the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement. HPF’s loan and NMTC allocation provided the missing pieces to move this project forward.

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