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Virtual Peer Exchange (October 20, 2020)

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Virtual Peer Exchange (September 17, 2020):

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Virtual Peer Exchange (July 27, 2020)

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Phoenix, AZ

Virtual Peer Exchange (May 21st 2020)

Virtual Peer Exchange, May 12, 2020

Proposals for State and Local Rental Assistance Programs

State Agency Relief and Flexibility

  • Illinois – Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA) was appropriated $396 million, including a portion of federal Coronavirus Relief Funds, to fund affordable housing grants, for emergency rental assistance, and subordinate financing in their FY 21 budget. Of the $396 million, $217 million for throughout Illinois, $100 million specifically for people disproportionately impacted, and $79 million to providers in counties that did not receive direct CRF funds. It is up to IHDA’s discretion as to how funds will be implemented. 
  • Maryland – Allowing cash flow payments, due to the state and county on April 1 from soft loans, to help pay for COVID-19 related expenses and losses. The state will not forgive cash flow payment; it will be added to the principal (MHP)
  • Pennsylvania – The Governor signed legislation in late May that approved funding to the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency and block granted to counties for $150 million in rent assistance. It also includes $25 million for mortgage assistance through PHFA’s existing mortgage program (ACTION Housing)
  • Virginia – Virginia Housing Development Authority offering affordable housing operators ability retain cash flow to support property operations (AHC, Inc.)
  • Virginia – Forbearance policy for VHDA’s rental housing loan portfolio allows the borrower to repay the amount forborne in 48 equal monthly installments with no penalty for prepayment.
  • Washington State’s Temporary Policy for Housing Trust Fund Loan and Grant Terms

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