Spring Member Meeting - Resident Services

Community Engagement and Resident Leadership Programs

  • Example of a resident empowerment program in San Diego shared by Jorge Riquelme of Community HousingWorks: The Resident Leadership Academy organized by Community Health Improvement Partners. You can find the program curriculum in English, Spanish, Arabic, and Vietnamese here.
  • Example of an empowerment program for supportive housing residents: Speak Up! run by Corporation for Supportive Housing.
  • Example of a resident leadership/train the trainer program in Chicago shared by The Community Builders: The Community Leadership Academy by Proviso Partners for Health.
  • Example of a network to promote civic engagement among residents in California: Residents United Network (RUN) formed by Housing California.
  • Information on the Asset-Based Community Development model shared by Maria Elana Marquez of LINC Housing Corporation: This model is taught at the Asset-Based Community Development Institute founded by John McKnight. 

Needs Assessments/Surveys:

Other Programs/Training Members are Pursuing