An Excerpt

According to HUD, since its inception in 1974, CDBG has invested over $149.2 billion in local economies. CDBG provides crucial public improvements to communities. Between FY05-FY16, CDBG assisted over 1.3 million low- and moderate-income homeowners rehabilitate their homes, provided down payment and closing cost assistance to qualified home buyers and assisted homeowners with lead-based paint abatement. In addition, between FY05-FY16, CDBG provided public services to over 133 million low- and moderate-income persons nationwide. These services include employment training, meals and other services for the elderly, services to help abused and neglected children, assistance to local food banks, and many other services.

In FY16 alone, the CDBG program served 1,411,724 individuals at food banks, provided housing and services for 113,561 battered and abused spouses, made improvements to 208,844 senior centers, 96, 062 homeless facilities, and 100,716 health facilities.

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