In recognizing and supporting collaborative efforts to strengthen the country’s poorest communities
through the Promise Zones initiative, HUD and the Obama Administration have taken bold steps toward
advancing a collaborative, integrated and place-based approach to community development. HPN and
its member organizations are leaders in building and scaling community partnerships, and as such they
applaud the Administration’s efforts to shine a light on their work in their communities and build a
deeper evidence base to support ongoing efforts. We believe that the Administration has an
unparalleled opportunity through the Promise Zones and related initiatives to foster capacity across the
country to do this crucial work. By showcasing the most promising local partnerships and giving them
the resources and assistance needed to grow and scale their efforts, the Promise Zones initiative is
creating a strong precedent for the future of community development. The initiative is all the more
crucial in the current context of constrained resources at the federal, state and local level, since strong
partnerships across sectors can help partners access new and untapped resources for development. 

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