Everyone has the right to a safe, decent, and affordable home. This has become even more clear as we have seen the nation’s housing stock be outpaced by demand at the same time we learned that where someone lives is not just a matter of individual health but also of public health. Housing Partnership Network (HPN) is a collaborative of mission-driven organizations who believe that housing is the foundation of a thriving, healthy, and equitable community. HPN works across the spectrum of affordable housing needs, from preventing homelessness to producing rental housing and providing for homeownership opportunities. We respond to community needs in urban, suburban and rural areas. Realizing that physical housing is only one part of home we are committed to working for racial justice and creating thriving neighborhoods. To ensure that all people have a home, we believe the federal government needs to take strong and immediate action on the following priorities.

  • Access to Rental Housing
  • Opportunities for Home Ownership and Wealth Creation
  • Invest in Community Development

For more information on any of these or questions about the work HPN members are doing in your communities please contact Shannon Ross, Vice President, Policy at ross@housingpartnership.net

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