Lisa Alberghini to Retire

After more than four decades as one of the most creative and accomplished affordable housing developers and advocates in the country, Lisa Alberghini, Executive Vice President at the Housing Partnership Network (HPN), is retiring at the end of June.

Throughout her career Lisa’s work has been marked by innovative approaches to patching together financing from multiple sources and creating housing communities that included mixed-income and mixed use developments; for example, market rate condos alongside deeply affordable rental homes in communities where affordable housing was a rarity. Lisa maintained a single-minded focus on residents with low-incomes and a dedication to social justice. Lisa’s efforts have been instrumental in having nonprofit developers seen as critical players in the creation of essential affordable housing in communities in Greater Boston and throughout the country.

Lisa Alberghini candid

Photo credit: Eddie Quiñones

In her five years at HPN, Lisa led innovative peer exchange, policy, and social enterprise initiatives among more than 100 members of HPN, a network of the nation's leading affordable housing and community development nonprofits. Her leadership in helping these organizations navigate the immense challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic has been lauded across the sector.

Beyond her professional achievements, Lisa has taught and guest lectured at universities across Massachusetts and served on multiple boards, advisory committees, and task forces. She currently serves on the Board of Catholic Charities of Boston. She has also been an avid mentor, nurturing and inspiring the next generation of affordable housing leaders, most recently in launching a novel national partnership to prime the next generation of diverse talent in the field.

Says HPN CEO Robin Hughes, “What has made Lisa’s influence so impactful is her holistic approach that goes beyond ‘bricks and sticks,’ both in her commitment to advancing the field at large as well as in creating sustainable mixed-income communities with supportive services, quality amenities, and economic opportunities to foster upward mobility. Her lasting legacy is one of empowering vision, creative solutions, and an unwavering drive to serve those most in need.”

Before joining HPN in 2019, Lisa served in leadership roles at two of the innovative network’s member organizations, the Planning Office for Urban Affairs (POUA) and The Community Builders (TCB). In these roles, she oversaw the development of over 3,000 units of affordable and mixed-income rental and homeownership properties serving families, seniors, and special needs populations.

As President of POUA for 18 years, Lisa led the organization's housing development, advocacy, and social justice initiatives. Under her leadership, the organization played a major role in influencing affordable housing policies at the federal, state, and local levels.

Says current POUA president Bill Grogan, “Lisa Alberghini has always had a keen ability to combine complex financing mechanisms to ensure project feasibility while accomplishing the mission of affordable housing. Through her unwavering four-decade commitment, Lisa has improved the lives of countless families and communities. Her pioneering spirit and belief that safe, quality affordable housing is a basic human right has left an indelible mark.”

Before leading POUA, Lisa spent 18 years at TCB, rising to become Director of the Boston office where she oversaw the development, property management, human services, and legal departments in conjunction with department directors.

As TCB’s current CEO, Bart Mitchell, says, “The entire affordable housing field owes Lisa Alberghini a debt of gratitude for blazing trails and setting a standard of excellence that will shape future leaders and impact communities for decades to come."

Notes Lisa herself, "It has been a blessing, an honor and a privilege to do this work, and to see close up how having a stable and affordable home changes people's lives for the better forever."

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Lisa (far right) with Next Gen Talent Academy students at HPN's Boston headquarters. Photo credit: Angel Babbitt