A High-Impact Network

The Housing Partnership Network's members are industry leaders of a new breed of housing and community development organization. HPN's Board of Directors approves organizations for membership based on demonstrated commitment to a common set of core characteristics. If your organization is interested in exploring membership, please complete our Membership Inquiry and Eligibility Form

HPN members view affordable housing as the foundation for strong families and vibrant neighborhoods. To achieve their broad missions, member organizations operate a range of business lines and programs tailored to address the particular needs of the communities and regions they serve. These include:

  • Development of multi- and single-family homes, as well as the ownership and management of affordable rental properties
  • Regionally-based homeownership counseling programs that help to ensure that families are better prepared to rent, buy or retain their homes
  • Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) that finance housing, schools, day care centers, community facilities and small businesses
  • Resident service programs to support families, children, seniors and people with special needs
  • Innovative public housing authorities


  • Mission-Driven: Independent nonprofit organizations, or those sponsored/owned by a nonprofit, or analogous organization, whose primary mission is to develop, preserve, operate, manage, and/or finance affordable housing and community facilities, and provide related support services to low-income families, seniors, and people with special needs
  • Sound Businesses: Enterprises with strong executive leadership, professional management staff and systems, and a demonstrated track record of financial integrity and performance.

  • Inclusive Partnerships: Established organizations with close ties to the diverse communities they serve, including community-based organizations, the business sector, government, and civic and private institutions that facilitate broad partnerships. 
  • Critical Impact: Catalysts for affordable housing production, comprehensive community development, programs or finance that sponsor and implement critical initiatives with deep impact in their geographies and communities served. 
  • Scope and Accountability: Operate on a citywide, regional, multi-state, or national basis with accountability to the community and civic leadership of the geographic area(s) they actively serve.
  • Culture of Collaboration: Entrepreneurial businesses with a history and commitment of collaborating with peers to improve current industry practices and pursue new opportunities.
  • Commitment to Racial Equity: Committed to furthering racial equity and racial justice in how they carry out their work, and in their approach to having diverse representation on their staff and Board.