Building markets and changing systems to improve lives

Housing Partnership Network (HPN) members are regionally focused developers, lenders and community builders, closely connected to the neighborhoods and people we serve. As the best in class operators in the field, members are really good at what they do. They've established dynamic partnerships and networks with public, private, and community institutions to carry out their work. There is no need for capacity building support of their core business. 

HPN’s catalytic value is at the broader market and systems level where impact can be most effectively achieved together. HPN focuses on three key strategies to make members more efficient, more sustainable, and better positioned to achieve scaled social impact: peer exchange, policy advocacy, and business innovation

Peer Exchange

Accelerating best practices and generating ideas through leadership and community of practice peer exchanges

Housing Partnership Network's strength comes not just from strength of the membership, but from our willingness to collaborate with each other. Peer exchange is more than simply sharing best practices or new ideas across the network – it is the catalyst and fuel for the creation of each HPN social enterprise and the cornerstone of HPN's four levels of impact.


Influencing policy makers with the power of the combined experience and success of members

Effective, responsive public policy is a requirement for success in developing stable homes and vibrant communities. As leading nonprofit affordable housing organizations, HPN members collaborate to influence federal policy in support of our entrepreneurial approach to creating solutions.

Business Innovation

Filling the gaps in the affordable housing and community development ecosystem through market facing enterprises that deliver new products, raise capital and save - and make - members money

Peer exchange generates a continuous source of ideas for business innovation from the customers and practitioners who would utilize them. Promising ideas that demonstrate potential for systems impact are put through Housing Partnership Network’s Innovation Lab to determine if there is sufficient mission and member value, business feasibility and investment capability. Only ventures that achieve all three will be pursued as a new social enterprise.

Housing as a platform for opportunity

Guiding our approach is a singular belief that developing vibrant communities and growing opportunity begins at home. Stable, affordable homes deliver immediate and positive benefits to people and communities. But, even more importantly, they are the essential foundation for families and children to achieve a decent education and pursue healthy and prosperous lives.  

Impact Individual Four Quadrants Approach