Richard Burns

President & CEO


122 E 42nd St, Ste 4900
New York, NY 10168-3599

About The NHP Foundation

For three decades, NHPF has provided affordable housing to families and seniors. Our mission is to preserve and create sustainable, service-enriched multifamily housing that is both affordable to low and moderate income families and seniors, and beneficial to their communities.

With the availability of healthy, affordable places to live outpaced by the overwhelming need—our aim moving forward is to engage new stakeholders from every aspect of business, real estate, academia, faith-based and health care to develop fresh, innovative approaches to providing a pipeline full of supportive housing for those in need.

Our track record from the beginning has led to the preservation of 95 multi-family properties containing over 16,000 affordable housing units. Building on that foundation, we currently serve more than 29,000 residents in 51 properties, providing approximately 9,000 affordable housing units in 15 states and the District of Columbia.

At NHPF we envision a future where communities flourish because attractive, sustainable housing options and life-enhancing services are ensured for income-challenged Americans.

Every generation and every community benefit from sustaining high-quality affordable housing for all. At NHPF we will continue to look for smart solutions and helpful partners to continue our mission to provide housing that is “more than a roof.

Community Programs

  • Other Community and Economic Development

Housing Development & Rehabilitation

  • Multi-Family For-Sale Development
  • Multi-Family Rental Development
  • Asset Management

Property Management & Resident Programs

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