Martin Eakes

Executive Director/CEO


301 W Main St
Durham, NC 27701-3215

About Self-Help

Self-Help serves a broad set of financial needs, with accessible checking and savings accounts, responsible home, consumer, and commercial loans, and fairly-priced transaction services. We also develop real estate and provide research and policy analysis. Our mission is to create and protect ownership and economic opportunity for all, especially people of color, immigrants, women, rural residents and low-wealth families and communities.
Self-Help and all its affiliates operate under one leadership structure comitted to social and economic justice.

Key affiliates are:

-State-chartered credit union that serves North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida, Self-Help Credit Union, founded in 1983;

-Federally-chartered credit union that serves California, Chicago, and Milwaukee, Self-Help Federal Credit Union, founded in 2008;

-Non-profit loan fund that originates commercial loans, develops real estate, invests in our credit unions and a secondary market program for home loans, Self-Help Ventures Fund, founded in 1984;

-Research and policy affiliate that builds awareness of predatory lending practices and develops practical solutions, informing the work of our lending affiliates, Center for Responsible Lending, founded in 2001; and

-Non-profit parent, the Center for Community Self-Help, founded in 1980.

We now operate offices in North Carolina, California, Chicago, Milwaukee, South Carolina Florida and Washington, DC with over 766 employees managing over $3 billion in assets.

Community Programs

  • Other Community and Economic Development

Housing Development & Rehabilitation

  • Single-Family For-Sale Development
  • Multi-Family Rental Development
  • Single-Family Rental Development
  • Commercial Development
  • Asset Management

Property Management & Resident Programs

  • Property Management

Debt & Equity Investing

  • Commercial and/or Development Lending
  • Consumer Mortgage Lending