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About Minnesota Homeownership Center

The Homeownership Center is a non-profit, HUD housing counseling intermediary dedicated to advancing successful, sustainable homeownership, with an emphasis on serving low- to moderate income households, households of color, and those facing barriers to homeownership. The Center offers a unique model based on a centralized, managed approach to homeownership preparedness and sustainability. In its centralized role, the Center supports a network of 40 member agencies, the Homeownership Advisors Network, that deliver a range of homeownership advising services, from homebuyer education to foreclosure counseling. This system ensures access to high quality, consistent services. The Center supports its members by offering technical assistance, capacity building support, certification and training, and coordinated networking. Center staff provide guidance on program delivery, program management, and a range of best practices. The Center conducts public education and outreach and is responsible for research and analysis of program delivery, outcomes and trends. The Center also serves as a funder to members and leads a variety of partnerships with industry stakeholders in an effort to further the mission of the network.

Community Programs

  • Housing and/or Financial Counseling
  • Other Community and Economic Development