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Santa Fe, NM 87507-3540

About Homewise

HOMEWISE MISSION: The Homewise mission is to help create successful homeowners and strengthen neighborhoods so that individuals and families can improve their long-term financial wellbeing and quality of life.

MAIN PRODUCTS: Homewise accomplishes its mission through the delivery of several integrated and complementary financial products and development services.

Financial products include:
-Home purchase first mortgages
-Home purchase amortizing second mortgages that eliminate the need for mortgage insurance on the first mortgage
-Home purchase deferred due-upon-sale subordinate mortgages (down payment assistance loans)
-Home improvement loans for energy and water saving improvements
-Home refinance

Customer Services include:
-Marketing and outreach to community employers and employees, educational, religious and non-profit entities
-Homebuyer and Financial Fitness education classes and one-on-one financial coaching that develop strong, new borrowers
-Home selection services through salaried real estate agents that help homebuyers identify good homes within their purchasing power
-Development of new, energy-efficient single family homes
-Personal and attentive loan servicing

Community Programs

  • Housing and/or Financial Counseling
  • Other Community and Economic Development

Housing Development & Rehabilitation

  • Single-Family For-Sale Development
  • Multi-Family For-Sale Development
  • Multi-Family Rental Development
  • Single-Family Rental Development
  • Commercial Development

Property Management & Resident Programs

  • Property Management

Debt & Equity Investing

  • Commercial and/or Development Lending
  • Consumer Mortgage Lending