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About Greater Minnesota Housing Fund

Housing has the power to improve lives. Safe, stable housing has been proven to improve life outcomes in education, employment, physical and mental health, and individual and family well-being. Since 1996, Greater Minnesota Housing Fund (GMHF) has worked with a mission to strengthen communities through the production and preservation of affordable homes. Since 1996, GMHF has invested $652 million in 195 communities, leveraging $1.7 billion and creating 18,484 homes for families, children, and individuals with low incomes.

Through lending, equity investing, strategic programs and grantmaking, GMHF provides $60M of capital support annually to affordable housing projects across Minnesota. GMHF is the only affordable housing CDFI that works in all 87 counties of Minnesota, providing support in rural and urban regions, working with private and public stakeholders to streamline work and meet the needs of local communities.

GMHF’s main lending vehicle is the development loan fund, which provides interim loan products for predevelopment, site acquisition, construction, rehabilitation, tax increment and equity-bridge financing, as well as working capital loans for qualified affordable housing development organizations. GMHF is a four star, AA+ Aeris rated CDFI that produces a “double bottom line” of financial return and social return on investment.
In addition to its development loan fund, GMHF operates two nonprofit subsidiaries: Minnesota Equity Fund (MEF), an equity investment vehicle for socially motivated investors to finance affordable housing, and Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing (NOAH) Impact Fund, which works to preserve the affordability of naturally occurring affordable homes for low-income working families and seniors.

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