Rob Curry

Executive Director


2999 Payne Ave, Third Fl
Cleveland, OH 44114-4443

About CHN Housing Partners

CHN is a highly seasoned, nonprofit affordable housing developer and housing service provider that works with its partners to solve major housing challenges for low-income people and underserved communities. We partner with cities and organizations to deliver housing solutions for their constituents. We partner with utility companies, financial institutions, and public agencies to manage and deliver large-scale housing resources to the community. We partner with people—low-income individuals, families, seniors, the disabled and the homeless—to improve their housing stability.

Through our partnerships we have developed over 6,000 affordable homes, and each year serve over 30,000 families through a wide array of housing services.

We work in Ohio and neighboring states to preserve and expand affordable housing, build equitable communities. By investing in affordable housing, we are investing in families, communities and the economy. We are investing in the power of a permanent address.

Community Programs

  • Housing and/or Financial Counseling
  • Other Community and Economic Development

Housing Development & Rehabilitation

  • Single-Family For-Sale Development
  • Multi-Family Rental Development
  • Single-Family Rental Development
  • Asset Management

Property Management & Resident Programs

  • Property Management
  • Resident Services

Debt & Equity Investing

  • Consumer Mortgage Lending