Malcolm Yeung

Executive Director


615 Grant Ave
San Francisco, CA 94108

About Chinatown Community Development Corporation

The mission of the Chinatown Community Development Center is to build community and enhance the quality of life for San Francisco residents.

It is a place-based community development organization serving primarily the low-income residents of Chinatown, and also other low-income areas in San Francisco. As a community development organization, it has many roles such as neighborhood advocate, organizer and planner, and as a developer and manager of affordable housing.

Chinatown CDC’s major programs are:

The Housing Development Division staff acquires, builds, and rehabilitates housing to increase the availability of affordable housing in San Francisco. Presently, Chinatown CDC’s portfolio includes 36 properties and 3 in development, providing housing to over 4,500 low-income families, adults and seniors

RESIDENT SERVICES enhances the quality of life of the residents. The staff help foster social networks in its housing and the neighborhoods it serves so that residents remain connected.

YOUTH LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT offers young people intensive involvement in community issues. They learn about their community and do direct service projects with the goal of becoming future community leaders.

ORGANIZING AND ADVOCACY PROGRAM empowers low-income, monolingual communities through grassroots organizing and coalition building. It organizes and advocates for tenant rights, affordable housing, just-planning and land use.

CIVIC ENGAGEMENT PROGRAM engages low income, monolingual communities to participate in the electoral process through voter education, registration, and participation.

PLANNING PROGRAM organizes residents and tenants in citywide planning dialogue so that they can help develop and advocate for concrete plans to address their needs in the areas of affordable housing, equitable transportation, creative open space, livable streets, and culturally sensitive economic development.

Community Programs

  • Housing and/or Financial Counseling
  • Other Community and Economic Development

Housing Development & Rehabilitation

  • Multi-Family Rental Development
  • Commercial Development
  • Asset Management

Property Management & Resident Programs

  • Property Management
  • Resident Services