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Arlington, VA 22203

About Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing

APAH is an award-winning, nonprofit developer of affordable housing with deep expertise in complex-infill development and innovative financing. Expanding its work across the Washington D.C. metro area in 2018, the organization operates or is developing projects in five jurisdictions in the region. APAH places equal priority on three pillars, quality affordable housing, resident-informed services, and advocacy. Today, APAH owns 2,062 units, 1,811 of which are affordable, has 345 under construction, and over 1,500 in active pre-development.

APAH’s mission statement is:

To develop, preserve and own quality affordable places to live, to promote stability and opportunity for our residents; and, to advocate with the people and communities we serve.

Our work is guided by seven core values: Compassion, Integrity, Collaboration, Innovation, Excellence, Impact, and racial equity.

APAH’s Priorities
APAH seeks to contribute significantly to meet the region’s affordable housing needs and improve the lives of our residents and their communities. Our values fuel a mission-driven, resident-centered approach and shape our priorities.

• Expanding Housing Opportunity: through innovation, preservation, partnership, and persistence.

• Supporting Resident and Community Need: in key areas including housing stability, senior housing, and supporting the hard-to-house and securing deeper affordability.

• Advocacy and Resident Voice: through initiatives like Community Progress Network, Resident Roundtables, and Pandemic Relief.

Our Staff: Under the executive leadership of our CEO, Carmen Romero, APAH’s highly committed and capable staff has expanded rapidly to support APAH’s continuing growth.

Community Programs

  • Other Community and Economic Development

Housing Development & Rehabilitation

  • Multi-Family Rental Development
  • Commercial Development
  • Asset Management

Property Management & Resident Programs

  • Resident Services