Kate Monter Durban

Kate Monter Durban joined the Cleveland Housing Network (CHN) in 1990, and currently serves as assistant director. Ms. Monter Durban is charged with helping to guide the strategic growth and development of the organization, with primary accountability for managing a comprehensive external relations capacity (including fundraising, public policy and government affairs, corporate communications, and media relations). Established in 1981, CHN creates affordable housing and homeownership options for low and moderate-income Cleveland families. CHN is now the largest private landowner in the city, and its programs have generated over $285 million of capital investments in Cleveland's neighborhoods.

Ms. Monter Durban received a bachelor's degree in business administration from Ohio State University, and in 1981 began her work in the community development field as a community organizer in the Broadway neighborhood of Cleveland. She currently serves on the Board of Trustees of the Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio, the City of Cleveland's Housing Advisory Board, and Fannie Mae's local advisory board. Ms. Monter Durban is married to Ray Durban, a mathematics teacher at East Tech High School in Cleveland. Together they are raising their three children in one of Cleveland's great neighborhoods near the shores of Lake Erie.