Peer Exchange Across Borders

The International Housing Partnership (IHP) was launched in 2003 when a group of Housing Partnership Network CEOs visited social housing groups in the Netherlands and the UK. IHP was formalized in 2009 and is now a collaborative of more than 175 high-capacity nonprofits from Australia, Canada, the UK, and the U.S. that collectively operate one million affordable homes that house more than 2.5 million people.

IHP holds annual leadership exchanges that are the primary mechanism for peer exchange and learning among senior leadership from the international member organizations. IHP's efforts are built on three types of interaction among members: 1) Exchange of information on areas of common interest; 2) Deeper collaboration and exploration on specific areas identified as priorities; and 3) Creating opportunities for business collaborations among members.

IHP is governed by a steering committee made up of two representatives from each of the four countries, with the chair rotating each year. IHP operations are supported by staff from each of the sponsoring national associations -- Housing Partnership Network in the U.S., Housing Partnership United Kingdom, Housing Partnership Canada, and PowerHousing Australia. IHP's day-to-day affairs are managed by the Housing Partnership Network which operates the IHP Secretariat.

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