Research & Development Fund

HPN's R&D Fund provides resources to support the development of new enterprises. Created in early 2013 with funds provided by the MacArthur Foundation as part of its MACEI (MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions) award to HPN, the R&D Fund covers expenses that are essential to the design and development of enterprises that have been vetted by the Innovation Lab. R&D Fund resources cover the development costs for detailed business planning and structuring of ventures after they've gone through the feasibility process. These resources also provide forward funding of new enterprises during their start-up period.

Two initiatives currently being explored through the Innovation and R&D process are:

  • Transforming the Housing Partnership DIRECT materials purchasing collaborative into an entity that will provide a broad range of procurement services to members and other nonprofits.
  • Creating a new, high-capacity community development entity to assist in the revitalization of Detroit while catalyzing new community development efforts.

R&D Fund resources are managed by HPN's Innovation Lab staff and governed by the board's Innovation and Asset Management Committees.