Collaborative Innovation for the Sector

Edgewood Terrace in Washington D.C. is the first wired affordable housing community in the nation.

Since inception, the Housing Partnership Network has been an incubator for new ideas and innovative products that enhance the performance of the affordable housing and community development sector. HPN's innovation process begins with peer exchanges during which members share learning, generate ideas and develop new models and collaborative approaches to address critical challenges they face. After research and testing for feasibility, the most promising ideas are launched as new social enterprises that benefit our members and the people and communities they serve.

Affordable solar townhouses being developed in Philadelphia.

HPN formalized and expanded its innovation process in 2012 with the creation of an Innovation Lab and Research and Development Fund with generous grants from the Citi Foundation and MacArthur Foundation, respectively. Now, dedicated staff manages the innovation process, engages outside consultants with specialized business expertise, and works closely with HPN's Innovation Committee of the board. With this process in place, we expect to research up to 10 new initiatives and launch between one and two new enterprises each year.