Housing Partnership Fund

Housing Partnership Network has been an Aeris-rated AAA +2 organization since 2005 and operates its lending activity through two CDFIs: Housing Partnership Network, Inc. and The Housing Partnership Fund, Inc. HPN created the Housing Partnership Fund in 2001 as a lending arm to the organization to meet its members’ growing need for flexible, early stage financing for affordable housing development.

Products and Services

As a financial intermediary and membership organization, our financial products are driven mainly by our members’ needs as customers. Products are designed to advance the particular mission of each member, to improve their business performance, and to help them complete high-impact projects for low-income people. Each lending product has emerged from a specific need identified through peer exchange and supports members’ comprehensive approaches to community revitalization.

The Fund has four major loan products:

  1. Enterprise Development Loan: This is a term loan product created to support members’ varied strategic initiatives, and is not tied to a specific real estate project, giving our members maximum flexibility and access to low-priced debt to deepen their impact. It is designed to serve as predevelopment or acquisition capital, working capital for organizational liquidity or start-up or expansion capital for new business initiatives. This loan is initially sized to be an unsecured loan, based on balance sheet strength of the borrower, but the amount can be increased by pledging acceptable collateral. This capital is catalytic; the flexibility it offers our members allows them to be entrepreneurial and nimble in their approach to market opportunities without being delayed by the process of assembling capital.
  2. Neighborhood Stabilization Line of Credit: This product supports neighborhood stabilization efforts by providing acquisition and rehab financing that allows members to restore foreclosed and REO property back to active-use. Once rehabbed, some homes are held in a scattered site rental portfolio but many are sold, with pricing targeted at a level that is affordable to families ‹ 120% AMI, and most priced to be affordable to families ‹ 80% AMI.
  3. Acquisition Bridge Loan: This product supports land and building acquisition as well as construction and rehabilitation costs on residential rental, commercial and mixed-use properties. Loans are secured by the underlying asset as a first mortgage or subordinate lien. Loans are to be paid back upon securing permanent financing.
  4. NMTC Leverage Loan: This loan product is designed to support New Markets Tax Credit projects that require seven-year terms to finance projects that create jobs and redevelop low-income communities.

For questions or more information, please contact Katie Rodriguez.

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