Impact Investing

The Housing Partnership Network, which is a US Treasury certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), aggregates and deploys investment capital that advances the innovation, growth and social impact of the nation's top performing nonprofit entrepreneurs among our organizational membership. The shortage of equity capital and enterprise-level financing is a critical barrier that limits their scale and production. The Network raises capital from major public, private and philanthropic institutions on superior terms that reflect our scale and performance. These funds are pooled, structured and invested to launch or expand high impact social enterprises that help them address critical challenges or opportunities. Much of HPN's impact investing is done through our CDFI lending subsidiary the Housing Partnership Fund. There are three primary components of the Network's impact investing strategy:

  • Corporate financing to grow our members real estate business lines for the acquisition, development and preservation of single and multifamily affordable housing. Since 2001 we have made over 80 loans totaling $72 million to finance more than 14,000 affordable homes by 30 members.
  • Equity Investments and loans to capitalize the start up and operation of collaborative enterprises jointly owned by the members, the Network and other nonprofit intermediaries. More than $10 million has been invested in the Charter School Financing Partnership, the Housing Partnership Equity Trust, the National Community Stabilization Trust, the Mortgage Resolution Fund and Housing Partnership DIRECT.
  • Investments and loans directly to members to start or expand their mission related businesses. An example of these transformative investments is $2 million in core capital we provided to launch the Gulf Coast Housing Partnership. GCHP is an independent nonprofit created in the wake of Hurricane Katrina that has developed over 1600 homes to rebuild communities in Louisiana and Mississippi.

The Housing Partnership Fund has made a strategic decision to focus most of its financing activity on wholesale capital aggregation and investments into enterprises owned individually or cooperatively by its members that drive business and product innovation. A key element of this strategy is to provide complementary and critically needed capital to expand member business lines and products.

For more information, contact Becky Regan.