HPN Select

HPN Select, previously known as Housing Partnership DIRECT, is a group purchasing collaborative which was launched in January 2016.

HPN Select is owned jointly by HPN and 19 shareholder members of the network.

Our goal is provide a significantly wider range of procurement services and material product offerings to HPN members than was previously available through HP DIRECT. These additional product categories will be selected after we conduct a thorough analysis of members’ historic spend patterns with vendors and by ongoing consultation with members to ascertain their priority areas of expenditure.

We will involve members in the creation of product specifications and preferred parts lists for future RFP activity, leveraging their deep experience in different product areas. We also anticipate that new contracts will offer members the option of local and regional sourcing, in addition to the larger national contracts that already exist.

With newly recruited, regionally based Customer Relationship Directors located in San Francisco, Chicago and Boston, Select’s new team are ideally placed to engage with HPN members on a personal level to develop cost effective purchasing solutions.

To back up this new customer relationship team, we have also recruited a highly competent team of Procurement professionals, based in Raleigh, NC, who have responsibility for managing Select’s vendors, through all phases of vendor engagement, from running competitive RFPs to contract and vendor performance management.

Please visit our newly launched website – hpnselect.com – which provides members with comprehensive details of our vendor contracts, the pipeline of planned RFP activity for 2016-17, contact information for the team and latest news.

In the meantime, if you require any more information on HPN Select, please contact Mark Vernon vernon@hpnselect.com or Mary Sweeney sweeney@hpnselect.com .