Julie E. Sweeney

Julie Sweeney

Meeting Operations

Julie Sweeney joined the Housing Partnership Network in 2004. As Director of Meeting Operations, she is responsible for the infrastructure and logistics of HPN's semi-annual member meetings, as well as business line meetings, and the International Housing Partnership's annual leadership exchange. In addition to managing meeting operations, she plays an integral role in developing and coordinating communications structures for HPN's communities of practice and the international exchange, as well as membership services administration.

Prior to moving full time to the Peer Learning and Member Engagement team in 2013, Ms. Sweeney served as Director of Administration Services, and was responsible for managing administrative staff and corporate services, including human resources, insurance policy administration, information technology coordination, as well as meeting planning and management.

Ms. Sweeney previously directed administrative operations at Brown Innovations, a small manufacturer of high-end audio products. In 1999 and 2000, she lived and worked in Sydney, Australia, where she was the operations coordinator for an office systems company.

Ms. Sweeney received a BA from Purdue University.