Housing Partnership Network is a business collaborative of 100 of the leading affordable housing and community development nonprofits in the country. HPN brings together executives from its high-capacity, high-performing member organizations to share best practices, pool resources, and create new social enterprises that advance the industry while serving low- and moderate-income households and communities. Through peer exchanges, policy advocacy and entrepreneurial partnerships, HPN accelerates innovation and impact. Our collaborative model and unique approach allows members to gain the benefits of national aggregation, scale and power, while maintaining local independence and accountability.


HPN has created and now operates more than a dozen member-driven social enterprises that have emerged from our communities of practice in the areas of multifamily development, property operations, neighborhood stabilization, homeownership counseling, and CDFI lending. These market-facing ventures - such as the Gulf Coast Housing Partnership launched in the wake of the devastating hurricanes in the New Orleans region, and our captive property and casualty insurance company, which emerged as a result of major rate hikes following the 2001 terror attacks - pioneer more efficient ways for nonprofits to aggregate and deploy capital and are central to HPN's earned income strategy. These enterprises also play a key role in advancing HPN's policy agenda to promote scaled social enterprises that use private sector business models to achieve an ambitious social mission.


HPN also sponsors and manages a growing international peer exchange with the preeminent housing and community development nonprofits in the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.


After more than two decades of growth and social entrepreneurship, HPN has emerged as a powerful force driving innovation, collaboration and impact within the affordable housing and community development industry. We are now an organization of nearly 40 staff with offices in Boston and Washington, DC.



HPN in the News



HPN Awarded $750K from the CDFI Fund
HPN wins a $750,000 award from the CDFI Fund, a program of the U.S. Treasury that enables community development financial institutions (or CDFIs) to increase economic opportunity and promote community development investments in underserved areas. HPN will use the FY2014 funding award to expand its lending activities to HPN members. Read more



Affirmative Investments and Housing Partnership Network Win $38 Million New Markets Tax Credit Award to Fund Mixed-Use Real Estate Projects
HPN and Affirmative Investments, Inc. to collaborate on projects in Massachusetts, Nevada and Pennsylvania, including some with HPN members ACTION-Housing and Nevada HAND. Read more



HPN Featured in 'Next City' Article on New Markets Tax Credits
HPN and Affirmative Investments, Inc. teamed up and won a $38 million award from the New Markets Tax Credit Program to finance and develop mixed-used projects in low-income communities. Read more



Housing Partnership Network Congratulates Mayor Julián Castro and Secretary Shaun Donovan
Housing Partnership Network applauds President Obama on the nominations of Mayor Julián Castro and Secretary Shaun Donovan to the Cabinet, and supports their pending confirmations. Read more